• Q: What are the factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting machine?

    There are many factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting, some of which are determined by the equipment itself, such as the accuracy of the mechanical system, the degree of vibration of the table, the quality of the laser beam, the influence of auxiliary gas and nozzles, etc. Some are inherent factors of the material, such as the physical and chemical properties of the material, the reflectivity of the material, and so on. There are also some factors that are selected according to the specific processing objects and user quality requirements, and corresponding adjustments are made to determine relevant parameters, such as output power, focus position, cutting speed and auxiliary gas.

  • Q: Can a CO2 laser machine cut metal?

    Yes, CO2 laser cutting machine can cut metal and non-metal.

  • Q: What are the application ranges of laser cutting machines?

    Laser cutting machine is widely used in automobile manufacturing, kitchen utensils industry, sheet metal processing, advertising industry, machinery manufactu

  • Q: Is the laser cutting machine dangerous to operate?

    Laser cutting is a very environmentally friendly cutting method, generally speaking, there is no harm to the body. Compared with ion cutting and oxygen cutting, laser cutting produces less dust, weak light and low noise. However, if the correct safety operation method is not followed, it will also cause personal injury to the user or damage to the machine.

    1). During the working process of the machine, the operator is prohibited from leaving without authorization to avoid unnecessary losses.

    2). Do not stare at the laser processing operation. Observation of laser light through binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glasses, etc. is prohibited.

    3). Do not store explosive and flammable items in the laser processing area.

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