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  • Shaped Surface Sanding Machine

Shaped Surface Sanding Machine

For matching with different numbers and specifications of abrasives, it can completely solve the sanding process of furniture (medium fiber board, MDF board, solid wood, etc.) white blank, paint (PU base, UV base, PE base and water-based paint, etc.) to meet the customer's sanding process needs.

The working principle of shaped sanding machine simulates manual sanding, using the function of each part of reciprocating machinery to target sanding each shaped part, the effect of its sanding and sanding treatment can not replace manual sanding in all, can reduce the amount of manual to a certain extent, solve 70%-90% of the amount of sanding, reduce the number of manual and improve efficiency.

Max.width of workpiece1300mm
Min.length of workpiece 280mm
Max.depth of workpiece 120mm
Height of working table850mm
Feeding speed0~10米
Conveyor motor2.2KW
Round disc5*1.5=7.5KW
Swing motor 4*0.37=1.48KW
Lifting motor5*0.18=0.9KW
Dimension of sanding roller∮280XL160
Dimension of large sand roller ∮280XL1300
Working power supply 380V 50HZ
Total power 13.58KW
Vacuuming mouth∮125mm


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