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  • 5 AXIS CNC Milling Machine

5 AXIS CNC Milling Machine


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish there were some way to chuck-up that big chunk of raw steel and just machine it completely into the finished part"? Well, now there is, with true 5-axis synchronous CNC machining.The advantages are prolific, namely increased VALUE and reduced cost.


Machining on our new technology helps reduce, and in some cases even eliminate, most NON-Value added activities. Such as, the total number of setups needed is reduced, the number of separate operations is reduced, fixtures and fixturing is reduced and the need for secondary (ff-ine) work is reduced. To our customers the bottom-line is, your parts faster, better, cheaper.


Increase your sales and profits


Reduce cost and product development time


Increase your sales and profits


Reduce cost and product development time


Working Area
ControllerTaiwan Syntec
SpindleHSD 7.5kw/ Hiteco 8.0kw
Spindle Speed3000-24000RPM
Working Accuracy±0.05mm
MotorYasakwa servo motor
Transmission MethodBall Screw/ Rack And Pinion
Moving tableCast iron T-slot or Vacuum table
CodeG Code

* Machine appearance, technical parameters, function description, data comparison shown in this page are from HSG in-house laboratory. All testing results and experimental data shall be subject to real machine.

Machine Details

Italian HSD 5 Axis Spindle

Italian HSD 5 Axis Spindle

The speed of HSD spindle motor is hard and stable; the transmission error is small; the power and torque are large; the rear direct drive structure design and flexible power configuration.

Yaskawa Servo Motor

Yaskawa Servo Motor

World-class servo motor and driving system ensures machine to run with fast speed and low noise. High precision, smooth operation with relatively little vibration, fast response.


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